Greg Howe

In his 30 year career, Greg Howe has produced, written and arranged ten solo instrumental studio albums along with two collaboration albums with Richie Kotzen of the Winery Dogs. In addition, Howe has contributed to a long list of albums/records by other artists.

Howe has also developed a solid reputation as a technical innovator, particularly for his strong utilization of tapping, unusual time signatures and his “hammer-on from nowhere” legato method. His self-titled debut album “Greg Howe” is ranked tenth best shred album of all time by Guitar World Magazine.

His more recent efforts have found him going deeper into fusion territory with a series of albums that pull from rock, funk, blues and jazz traditions, while exploring the boundaries of what’s possible on a six-string.

Greg Howe has collaborated with artists such as Richie Kotzen, Dennis Chambers, Simon Phillips, Victor Wooten, Jason Becker, Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, Marco Minneman, and Eddie Jobson.

He’s also made a name for himself as a stellar sideman and session musician with artists like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, and many more.

His TV appearances include The Grammy’s, American Music Awards, The Tonight Show, The Today Show, The Billboard Awards, Teen Choice Awards, just to name a few.

In 2006, Shrapnel Records celebrated Greg’s 20 year career with “Collection – The Shrapnel Years” – an album containing some of his best musical moments – comprised of shred fest ditties such as “Bad Racket” and “Joker’s Wild,” as well as the popular “Jump Start” and the funky “Howe ‘Bout It.” These tracks also contain standout performances by some of the greatest musicians in progressive music, including drummers Dennis Chambers and Atma Anur, Keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij, as well as bassists Billy Sheehan and Victor Wooten along with other world class players.

In 2012 Greg Howe decide to take a break from the instrumental world and announced that he would be putting together a rock band named Maragold, which had much international success.

In 2017 Howe joined the powerhouse band ‘Protocol’ featuring Simon Phillips on drums, Ernest Tibbs on bass, and Otmaro Ruiz on keys.

Greg Howe’s new album, “Wheelhouse” marks a highly anticipated return to his solo instrumental work. It features Greg Howe at his best along with an appearance from guitar legend Richie Kotzen (Winery Dogs, Mr. Big) and legendary keyboardist Ronnie Foster (Stevie Wonder, George Benson). Described by Howe as his most personal work to date, the album is destined to again set the bar for guitarists everywhere.

Musical trends may come and go, but you always know what’s in store with a new Greg Howe release, and this veteran guitarist certainly won’t disappoint with this breathtaking showcase as one of the best rock/fusion players in the world.


ICEFISH have just released their exciting, leading edge, progressive rock album ‘Human Hardware’. Drumhead Magazine had this to say about the debut release, “…carefully crafted power melodies, soaring vocals, and intricate hard-rocking rhythms. Add in state-of-the-art production and you get a truly inspiring collection of tunes worth listening to again and again.”

ICEFISH is an exciting cutting-edge progressive rock outfit featuring legendary drummer Virgil Donati, guitarist Marco Sfogli, keyboardist Alex Argento, and bassist/vocalist Andrea Casali.

ICEFISH was formed as a result of Virgil working with Alex and Marco on his record ‘In This Life’, when — in their discussions regarding the direction the music would take — the guys discovered that they all had a singular musical vision. The remarkably talented Bassist/Vocalist Andrea Casali soon joined them to make the vision a reality. Members of ICEFISH have played and performed both on stage and in studio with a variety of artists including Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, John Macaluso, Matt Guillory, Peter Wichers, Peter Wildoer, Mike Mangini, Bryan Beller, Planet X and others.

“Now that our debut album has been written, produced, mixed, and is finally out there,” says drummer Virgil Donati, “we can say with some conviction that our vision and our faith in each other has culminated in finding that ‘elusive’ new angle we strive for as composers and musicians. We look forward to the evolution of ICEFISH on the second record”!

1. Paralyzed
2. It Begins
3. Human Hardware
4. 5 Years
5. Revolution
6. Solitude
7. Your Eyes
8. Lost
9. The Pieces

Not content to just release the album HUMAN HARDWARE, ICEFISH have also released five “play-along” versions of their new album.

Now available are
Play Along “Minus Guitars”
Play Along “Minus Bass”
Play Along “Minus Drums”
Play Along “Minus Keyboards”
Play Along “Minus Vocals”

Fans can now purchase one or all five and add their own performance to HUMAN HARDWARE. Each song consists of two separate tracks, the “minus” version (the song without one of the instruments), plus the metronome track. All files are hi-quality .wav files 44.1 kHz / 16 bit. Just load the stems into your preferred DAW software (Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools…) and they are ready to go!

ICEFISH have also released THE MAKING OF “HUMAN HARDWARE” available as a digital download or on Bluray. In this video chronicle, follow ICEFISH from their very first 2-day rehearsal together…highlighting their earliest compositions and jamming on ideas, through to actual sessions for the record, playthroughs, interviews, exclusive behind the scenes footage, and the first two official videos. THE MAKING OF also includes previously unpublished clips and unedited cuts.

For More Information on ICEFISH:

Listen “Human Hardware”:
Buy “Human Hardware”:
Official Website:

Andrea Casali – vocal / bass

Andrea Casali is the talented and charismatic Italian Singer/Bassist of the band IceFish. He has worked and collaborated on multiple albums in the metal and progressive metal scene in Italy. His work with IceFish has to be seen to be believed. The dexterity and independence in play between voice and bass is mind blowing.

Alex Argento – keys

Alex Argento is a keyboard player, composer and mixing engineer from Palermo (Italy). He has collaborated and or produced albums for Vigil Donati (Planet X), Simon Phillips (Toto), Bissonette brothers, Greg Howe, Dave Weckl (Chick Corea), Marco Sfogli (James Labrie), Fabrizio Leo (Eros Ramazzotti) Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Neal Morse, Collin Leijeenar (Neal Morse’s Band), Michael Lepond (Symphony X), Ted Leonard (Enchant), Kee Marcello (Europe)

Virgil Donati – drums

Virgil Donati At age 19 Virgil traveled to the U.S. to further study drumming, and also took classes in composition and arranging. Returning to Australia at age 21 his career was alight. He was in demand playing many genres of music, including jazz, rock, pop, theatre and studio work. He also worked with many visiting artists, including jazz pianist George Cables, vocalist Mark Murphy, Branford Marsalis and Kenny Kirkland, Melissa Etheridge.
His next taste of commercial success came in the early 90’s with Southern Sons. The band reached double platinum with their debut album. At the same time, throughout the mid 80’s and 90’s, Virgil’s interest in progressive music was exploited with several bands he initiated, most notably Loose Change, and later, On The Virg.In 1996 Virgil uprooted and relocated in the U.S.A. to expand onto the world stage. He has since toured and recorded with the likes of Planet X, Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, CAB, Scott Henderson, Steve Walsh, Tribal Tech, Tony MacAlpine, Billy Sheehan, Derek Sherinian, Mark Boals, Kiko Loureiro, and many others, he continues to push the limits of the instrument to astonishing new levels.

Marco Sfogli – guitar

Marco Sfogli is an Italian guitar player, a composer and an arranger. He has worked for a lot of artists since. In 2005 he went on to record James LaBrie’s third solo release titled Elements of Persuasion which has become a hit with progressive metal fans. Now member of the James LaBrie band, he put out his first solo record titled There’s Hope on Feb. 15th 2008. In 2010 he also worked on the James LaBrie record Static Impulse as guitar player, co-writer and engineer. He released his second solo album in 2012, titled reMarcoble and edited by JTC Records. In 2013 he joined the James LaBrie’s band for the third time for the recording of the album Impermanent Resonance. In March 2015, he was announced as new guitar player for the Italian progressive band PFM.


(Formerly Whitesnake, Foreigner, Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne, Geoff Tate, Don Felder. Bonzo Bash founder currently touring with WASP)

Brian Tichy grew up in New Jersey on a healthy dose of hard rock. He’s had an obsession with drums and loud guitar since he was a kid. The fire was lit by Kiss records and his dad showing him the riff to ‘Day Tripper’.
After many years of dedication and practice by incessantly playing along to his favorite records as well as being in high school metal bands and taking years of private lessons, Tichy refined his drum and guitar skills by attending Berklee College Of Music, sweating it out for 3 years in the dormitory practice “sheds”.

In the midst on playing in a multitude of bands over the past 20 years, Tichy also had his own band, BALL, in which he played guitar, sang and wrote the tunes. They released their debut CD in Japan in 1999 but the US CD never came out due to distribution problems that sunk the label.

Since 1990, Tichy has also has managed to tour and/or record with the likes of: WASP (currently), The Dead Daises (2013-2017), Don Felder, Geoff Tate’s Queensryche (2013-2014) Whitesnake (2010-2013), Foreigner (’98-’00, ’09-10), Billy Idol (’01-’09, also was Idol’s writing partner from ’04-’09), Ozzy Osbourne (2000), Lynch Mob (2010), Tooth And Nail, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, The Guess Who, Michael Schenker, Velvet Revolver, Seether, Zakk Wylde’s Pride & Glory, Slash’s Snakepit, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Glenn Hughes, Sass Jordan, Gilby Clarke, Nicklebag (Stevie Salas, Bernard Fowler, Carmine Rojas), Vinnie Moore and Zebra frontman Randy Jackson’s 2nd band China Rain.
He is also the founder of Bonzo Bash and Randy Rhoads Remembered.

Since Sept. ’08, Tichy has gone on to become a speed bag guru and one of the world’s only Speed Bag-punch drummers.

Tichy is also the founder of the ever growing and ever popular “celebration events” he thought up back in 2010 with the Bonzo Bash. These celebration events now include Randy Rhoads Remembered

Tichy put together the ultimate John Bonham Tribute show on 9.25.10, the 30th anniversary of the passing of his biggest influence and rock’s most influential drummer. “Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same” featured 28 of rock’s top drummers all playing a their favorite Led Zeppelin song on a replica John Bonham kit front and center stage along with the house band The Moby Dicks. The Bonham family was in attendance and Jason, Deborah and Zoe all performed at the sold out show. This popular celebration has still plays annually at the NAMM show and has gone to NYC, NJ, and Moscow!

In May, 2010, Tichy joined up as the new drummer for rock icons Whitesnake and recorded their new record, ‘Forevermore’. He gladly followed in the footsteps of his idols Ian Paice, Cozy Powell and Tommy Aldridge and completed a 100 date/50 country tour all throughout 2011.

Tichy has also been one of Mastersource Music Catalog’s main rock writers since 1999. His songs have been featured in movies such as ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin’, ‘Balls Of Fury’ and many more as well as countless TV shows ranging from CSI and Law And Order to The Osbournes and Punk’d.

In Dec., 2010, Tichy also recorded drums for ex-Eagle Don Felder’s next upcoming record. And in March ’11, Tichy recorded drums for Steven Tyler’s first ever solo single, “Feels So Good”.

In March of 2012, Tichy became the first drummer to ever incorporate the Speed Bag as a percussion instrument into the drumset. He did this on national tv on VH1 Classic’s “That Metal Show” hosted by his buddy Eddie Trunk who asked him to be the first drummer on the show.

In 2012, TIchy was voted 5th in Modern Drummer’s readers poll for the “Rock drummer” category. He was also voted #5 in That Metal Show’s “Top 5 rock drummers of all time.”

Tichy formed a band with Juno award winning/ Billboard “Best Female Singer” Award Winner, and 6 year Canadian Idol judge, Sass Jordan called S.U.N. (Something Unto Nothing). Tichy writes, plays drums and guitar in the studio and guitar live in this band.

In March 2013, Tichy received a phone call from Aerosmith lead singer
Steven Tyler asking him to play a set of classic Aerosmith tunes with he and Joe Perry at a John Varvatos benefit show.

Tichy also toured with Queensryche all of June 2013 as they played their Operation Mindcrime album in its entirety. S.U.N. opened these shows as a duo, performing their “Acoustic Stomp” set.

Tichy created his own line of signature Regal Tip sticks; “TISH STIX”.

Tichy was called in Sept., 2013 to drum for the new supergroup The Dead Daisies.

In March 2014, Tichy put on yet another hugely successful celebration show for John Entwistle and Keith Moon of The Who. “The Ox & The Loon” featured 10 drummers and bassists, as well as Bass Legend Award winner Lemmy and a 3 song set by Ace Frehley.

From 2014 to 2017, Tichy was involved mostly with the Dead Daisies, as they toured the world and released a 2 studio LPs and one live LP.

In between Dead Daisies touring in 2017, Tichy did more shows with Don Felder and also filled in with Foreigner for a couple weeks when their drummer was ill.

He has continued to put on annual Bonzo Bash and Randy Rhoads Remembered shows during Namm weekends in January.

In 2017, Tichy released “Merry Tichmas”, an instrumental Christmas LP, which he recorded and performed all of the instruments on.

Tichy left the Dead Daisies in 2018 to pursue new musical avenues
and focus on his own new, upcoming projects, and is currently touring with WASP.

Tichy also is a counselor at the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camps whenever he is available.

Tichy still remains an active teacher , teaching all levels of student when his schedule permits…



Rowan Robertson (Guitar)
(DIO, Raiding The Rock Vault)

Rowan Robertson was picked at the age of 17 by Ronnie James Dio, leaving his native UK to Los Angeles in 1989 to be guitarist for Dio, recording and touring the album, Lock Up The Wolves. He then teamed up with Oni Logan (Lynch Mob) to form the band Violet’s Demise in 1994, signed to Atlantic Records, recording with Dave Jerden. In 1998 he joined VAST, working with the group on their second Elektra album, Music For People. He recorded two instructional guitar videos with Hal Leonard and has recorded with diverse musical acts as well as spending some years teaching guitar. He currently works in the Las Vegas rock show, Raiding The Rock Vault alongside such names as Robin McAuley, Howard Leese, Hugh McDonald and Blas Elias.

Francesco “Cosmo” DiCosmo:


(Formerly of Montrose / Evanescence / Thin Lizzy / Jason Bonham)

Having been influenced by a musical family He began singing at age five started teaching Himself bass at age fourteen when He was inspired by various artists in Rock, Prog Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk, Jazz and Fusion music. He then studied music theory with Schuyler Collins from the Berkley School of Music, and voice with reknowned master vocal technician Nikki Cukor in New York after already playing and singing professionally in his first bands.
After moving to Los Angeles he was one of ten bassists picked by Billy Sheehan for the Musicians Institute Scholarship Contest. He then attended MI and graduated at the top of the class with the Vocational Honors Award and the Human Relations Award in 1995. then he began teaching at MI & Reputation and experience led Him to audition & play with Dweezil Zappa, Vonda Shepard from TV’s “Allie McBeal” & Megadeth’s Chris Poland, with whom He recorded the instrumental Rock/Funk/Jazz/Fusion record “Chasing The Sun”. Having caught the attention of label exec Fred Brown at Warner Bros, He was referred to work with other artists such as Stan Whittaker (former guitarist/vocalist for Peter Gabriel and Happy The Man) which led to forming the band Spirit Noise with brother/drummer Rico DiCosmo. He then got the gig as Bassist & Lead Singer with Guitarist Ronnie Montrose. He worked with Warner Bros recording artist, Tracy Dawn & co-produced & played on the album “Burnin” for Elizabeth Wills with producer Chris Van Tassel, at Cello Studios (East West Studios). He then recorded and co-produced an EP with the band Spectrum/Worlds Apart with producer Barry Fazman of TV’s ”Fame” series, recorded the album “Confessions” with the band Jaded featuring Tina Yothers of TV’s “Family Ties” & recorded the album “Good Vibrations” with L.A.’s Rock/Reggae/Rap/Pop Band Shaka Buku. He also Co-wrote & Recorded songs with Singer/Songwriter Jamie Green for her new album “Truce” by (named by L.A. Music Awards as Best Unsigned Artist).
he was hired on the spot by Producer Dave Fortman to record The 14 times Multi-Platinum album “Fallen” for Evanescence. The single “Bring Me To Life” was number one on BIllboards Modern Rock Chart. He received two Grammy certifications for ”Fallen” which was Nominated for 5 & won 2 for Best New Artist & Best Rock Performance.
He then became the bassist for the Quintessential Rock Band Thin Lizzy from 2006 to 2008 playing with World Renowned Guitarist & Singer John Sykes, amazing original Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham & Rock Drumming Legend Tommy Aldridge & then in 2009 played Bass and Keyboards for Jason Bonham formerly of Bonham, Foreigner & Led Zeppelin.
He recently started AudioVision, A Production Company for Music Composition, Sound Design and Voiceover for TV/Film, Videogames, Radio, Internet, Commercials, Songwriting and Record Production.


The CarpetCrawlers


Europe’s biggest GENESIS TRIBUTE show THE CARPET CRAWLERS return to Poland after their stunning ‘INVISIBLE TOUCH’ show from last year with a stunning celebration of the early ‘Peter Gabriel’ period of the band.
‘SELLING FOXTROT BY THE POUND’ does exactly what you might think, with the Crawlers performing BOTH of the ‘FOXTROT’ and ‘SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND’ albums in full in a very special show, and to add to this they even add some bonus tracks culminating an a breathtaking two and a half hour show.

With authentic stageset and full costumes and makeup The Crawlers will take you back on a nostalgic trip with some of the greatest epics in Prog featuring songs like, ‘I know what I like’, ‘Get em out by Friday’, ‘Watcher of the Skies’, ‘Cinema Show’, ‘Can Utility and the Coastliners’, ‘Firth of Fifth’ and the mammoth ‘Supper’s Ready’.

Hailed as the best Peter Gabriel voice after the great man himself, frontman Brian Cummins has performed with members of Peter Gabriel’s original band (Jerry Marotta, Larry Fast) and King Crimson (Trey Gunn) in ‘The Security Project’ here in Poland in 2015, the recreation will be so close your eyes and you will just be back in 1973.

Don’t miss this stunning show, even endorsed by Tony Banks of Genesis himself!

Aquiles Priester Band


Considered best Brazilian heavy metal drummer for sixteen years by main specialized magazines and sites, Aquiles Priester has been collecting records and achievements over the course of his career.

In 2011, for example, he became the only Brazilian to rank 5th best Prog Metal drummer of the world according to American Modern Drummer magazine alongside names such as Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison and Marco Minnemann. In 2015 Aquiles was nominated again and was elected best “Hard Rock” drummer by the American magazine Drum!

Aquiles Priester has already done more than 500 drum clinics in various countries and has taken part of the biggest drum festivals around the world such as Modern Drummer Festival (United States), Montreal Drum Fest (Canada), Batuka! International Drum Fest (Brazil), La Rioja Festival (Spain), Laguna Drum Fest (Mexico), London Drum Show (England), Drummer Live (England), International Summer Drum Camp (France), Tam Tam Drum Fest (France), October Drum Fest (Poland), Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza (United States), Frankfurt Musikmesse (Germany) and Namm Show (United States).

Born in South Africa, he moved to Brazil while still a child, spending his childhood and part of his adolescence in Foz do Iguaçu, a city in the state of Paraná. In 1988 he moved to Porto Alegre and nine years later founded heavy metal band Hangar where he began developing the style that would make him known worldwide. With Hangar he released six studio albums, an acoustic CD and a live acoustic DVD.

The first parallel project while still with the band Hangar were some gigs with Tritone in 1999, a kind of Brazilian G3 with Edu Ardanuy, Frank Solari and Serj Buss. Soon after Aquiles was invited to record and go on tour with Paul Di’Anno, former Iron Maiden singer. This resulted in the album Nomad and a tour that included various Brazilian cities in 2000.

In 2001 he joined the band Angra and recorded the album Rebirth, which went gold record in Brazil. After six years and three studio albums, an EP and a live CD/DVD, Aquiles left the band.

From then on he hasn’t stopped, releasing products directed to the drum world that became best sellers, among them two educational DVDs: Inside My Drums (2004) and The Infallible Reason of My Freak Drumming (2010) voted 3rd best educational DVD of the world by American Modern Drummer magazine in 2011. He also released a textbook on the study of the double bass called Inside My PsychoBook – 100 Double Bass Patterns (2007).

In 2013 he released his acclaimed DVD Aquiles Priester’s Top 100 Drum Fills that was also nominated for voting in the North American magazine Modern Drummer, being elected best educational DVD of the year. During the 37 years of existence of the most highly regarded drum magazine of the world, Aquiles places Brazil in first place of the most important and coveted ranking of worldwide drums, an unheard of feat for a Brazilian drummer until then. And finally, he released his first play along book called PsychOctopus Play Along (2014).

Besides the educational products, in 2010 Aquiles also released his autobiography Aquiles Octopus Priester – From Fan to Idol – already on its 2nd
edition and includes testimonies of famous Brazilian drummers such as Kiko Freitas, Vera Figueiredo, Serginho Herval and João Barone.

In 2010, he was one of seven drummers chosen from all over the world to take part of an audition to substitute Mike Portnoy in the North-American band Dream Theater – with Aquiles were Mike Mangini, Peter Wildoer, Marco Minnemann, Virgil Donati, Derek Roddy and Thomas Lang. After the audition, he was indicated by John Petrucci, Dream Theater’s guitar player and met the world famous guitar player Tony MacAlpine, with whom he went on tour in the beginning of 2012. In 2010 and 2013 he also went on tour with another American guitar virtuoso, Vinnie Moore.

Mapex provides the instruments used by him and in 2006 created the drum kit Mapex Limited Edition Aquiles Priester and, in 2013, released a signature snare, Aquiles Priester’s PsychOctopus Black Panther Snare, worldwide.

On the other hand Paiste, the cymbal manufacturer, wasn’t far behind. In the beginning of 2009 they released the PST5 Limited Edition Aquiles Priester in the Brazilian market and in July of 2012 the signature ride 2002 PsychOctopus Giga Bell Ride 18″ worldwide. With these accomplishments, Aquiles became the first Brazilian drummer to have signature products released worldwide by international drum brands.

Also in 2013, he was invited by guitar player Tony MacAlpine to record his new solo album Concrete Gardens and took part of the recording of a live DVD with him at EMGtv in 2014. He also took part of the recordings of Brazilian band Noturnall and their first DVD, First Night Live.

Still in 2014, Aquiles released two more albums: Hangar’s The Best Of 15 Years, Based On A True Story…, as well as his first instrumental album, Our Lives, 13 Years Later with guitar player Gustavo Carmo.

That same year he resumed touring with Tony MacAlpine in the US and in April of 2015, the album Concrete Gardens, which Aquiles recorded with Tony. After the release they went on tour in the US and Europe. Also in 2015, Aquiles was announced as drummer of Brazilian alternative metal band About@Crash which debuted in Rock in Rio of that same year.

2016 was a year of intense activity for Aquiles. His video Aquiles Priester’s Top 100 Drum Fills was released internationally by Mel Bay, a publisher specialized in material directed at musicians. The band Hangar also released two new products: the CD Stronger than Ever and the DVD Hangar Live in Brusque – SC. And to complete the cycle of releases, he also released the DVD Our Lives, 15 Years Later… Live in Studio! that brings, as the name implies, Aquiles and Gustavo Carmo playing live and in studio the repertoire of the album both released in 2014.

To close the year, the drummer was on the road between October and November accompanying Tony MacAlpine in a tour on the west coast of the US opening for Steve Vai.

In 2017, Aquiles Priester intends to consolidate a new phase in his career, now focusing on the international market for he is living in Los Angeles, Ca. As with everything Aquiles does, this will definitely be another story of success.

Antonio Carlos Monteiro
For more information: –


Considered best Brazilian Brazilian Keyboardist for 4 years by main specialized magazines and sites, Junior Carelli is one of the most performatic and virtuoso keyboard player from Brazil according to audience and critics

Recently was awarded an honorary citizen of Tulsa – Oklahoma as an ambassador of Brazilian music by Jim Halsey Institute of Music Business.

Junior Carelli began studying piano at the age of 9 with keyboardist of all Voz da Verdade Evaristo Fernandes . He studied at the Music Conservatory of Fundação das Artes in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, where he studied piano and music theory . After completing his studies and now working as a professional in the market, studied at EM&T with Emilio Mendonça to enhance his technical and musical language ; plus free workshops and courses in general music , voice and piano.
He has played and arranged in the Big Band Passport Brazil with his maestro and friend Carlos Ferreira , accompanied the singer Lydia Moises , played in orchestra (along with renowned musicians who have accompanied music greats like Miles Davis, gigs of jazz and instrumental music and many other artist from pop/rock/Latin music all around Latin America
Today , also graduated in RADIO and TV and Advertising , is keyboardist / pianist for Noturnall, Shaman and ANIE, former keyboardist in the band Viva Noite from Panico na Band a big TV show in Brazil, and also keys for the instrumental album of the drummer Aquiles Priester and guitar Gustavo Carmo alongside big names like Kevin Moore, Greg Howe, Nili Brosh, Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore. 

In 2015 played at ROCK IN RIO with NOTURNALL Feat. Michael Kiske ( halloween / Unisonic) 
With Noturnall band: 3 albuns and 1 DVD acclaimed by critics, media and public, which was produced , edited and directed by Junior and his partner Rudge Campos from Foggy Filmes, the band carries on his resume an unprecedented promotional tour with motorhome plotted with every stage structure used in DVD throughout Northeast Brazil and Europe! Noturnall has featured artist like Russell Allen (Symphony X) , Michael Kiske (Helloween), Mike Orlando(Adrenaline Mob) and James Labrie (Dream Theater)
It was part of the cruise Axis and anchors Cruise where he played with Mike Orlando – Sonic Stomp and Randy Rhoads Remembered alongside names like Rudy Sarzo (ozzy), Brian Tichy (Ozzy, Billy Idol), Bumblefoot (Guns n Roses). Also in 2016 he recorded the instrumental DVD of the instrumental project of Aquiles Priester and also the Sonic Stomp Live by Mike Orlando. Both Directing and playing.

In 2016 He launched his acoustic project alongside Fernando Quesada, the A.N.I.E. with songwriting and readings of songs that are part of their stories in the world of Rock.
He is a music producer and managing partner of the company FOGGY Filmes in communications , editing , script , producing and directing projects audio and video , such as clips , documentaries , short films, entertainment content for television and web. He was director of a gospel Tv Show program aired on RedeTV on Saturdays, director of international clips, Director of DVDs like AVANTASIA and HELLOWEEN, professor of video and audio editing , audio and video Teacher at EM&T School of Music and Technology. 

Creator and idealizer of CONEM, National Congress of Musical Entrepreneurship and also of EM & T- ON LINE School.
In 2017 once again participated in the great festival ROCK IN RIO, and entered in another well-known musical, the renowned musical FREDDIE MERCURY REVISITED, Success of public and criticism through which it passed including NY-USA, SP, and RJ, is a derivative of the broadway WE WILL ROCK YOU worldwide success.

2018 producing a new DVD called Noturnall – Freak Show, again directing and playing featuring James Labrie (DT).

Endorsed by ROLAND INTERNATIONAL, XTreme Ears, Santo Angelo Cables, Zoom, Edifier, Adidas, Fusão Studios, Key Pro Stand, Boss, Pinnacle.

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ANIE – DVD ANIE Live (2017)

Aquiles Priester & Gustavo Carmo – DVD Our Lives, 15 years Later (2016)

Mike Orlando – DVD Sonic Stomp Live (2016)

Noturnall – DVD First Night Live (2014)

Brothers Music – DVD Asas da Liberdade (2013)

Brothers Music – DVD Triunfal (2011)

Gustavo Carmo

Gustavo Carmo is a Seattle based guitarist and songwriter. He is recognized for his work with the traditional heavy metal band VersOver, Aquiles Priester, Vinnie Moore, and many others. Carmo’s musical career spans over 2 decades; in which he has worked as a producer, band leader, composer, arranger, and most significantly, as a guitar player. Carmo is endorsed by PRS Guitars.

With well over a dozen albums under his belt, released in over 25 countries, his works include two instrumental rock releases with renowned drummer Aquiles Priester. The album title “Our Lives, 13 Years Later…,” called on high profile guitarists Greg Howe, Vinnie Moore, and Tony MacAlpine, as well as the former keyboardist of the legendary band Dream Theater, Kevin Moore. This album was followed up by the live DVD, “Our Lives, 15 Years Later… Live in Studio!,” which also includes instructional videos that examine and decipher the various guitar techniques used throughout the album.

Carmo has been a force to be reckoned with in the hundreds of live concerts in which he’s performed throughout the span of his career, including many shows with Seattle based band The New Futures, and tours as a side man for legendary guitar player Vinnie Moore.

Gustavo’s most recent work is the new album title Hell’s Inc., by traditional heavy metal band VersOver. Hell’s Inc. was mixed by elite European mixing engineer, Jesse Vainio, of Finland. The artwork for the album was furnished by the highly acclaimed artist Hugh Syme. Hell’s Inc. was released in October of 2017.

For more information:

VersOver – Hell’s Inc. (2017)
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House of Bones – EP – House of Bones (2012)
Maestrick – Unpuzzle (2011)
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Bastidores – Discos de Vinil e Fitas (2007)
Enema – Enema (2006)
Lips – Disturbing the Neighborhood (2004)
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VersOver – Endurance (1997)

Bruno Ladislau- Bass

Talent, passion and technical mastery of the instrument are just a few characteristics of Bruno Ladislau. The artist’s bass lines clearly reveal intensity and precision in his outstanding musical identity. Bruno has played in major national and international festivals, such as Rock In Rio with singer Andre Matos. He is always involved in several projects as a sideman and has already done workshops with Billy Sheehan, making the dream of playing with one of his greatest influences come true.

With professionalism, discipline and a comprehensive musical knowledge, the bassist inspires fans, students and stage mates. By playing with more traditional artists on the rock scene, the musician mixes different experiences, creating and developing his unique way of performing. Bruno passes through traditional heavy metal, goes to contemporary thrash metal and reaches prog and djent, exploring the peculiarities of each style with his strong personality.

For Bruno, the key point of his art is to play for the music, putting himself next to it and not in front of it. The musician is also a producer and transcends the music technical fields, idealizing all the production of his work – from the artistic conception of the material to the recording and post-production final stages.

In 2016, Bruno recorded the basses of a double DVD by drummer Aquiles Priester and guitarist Gustavo Carmo, titled “Our Lives, 15 Years Later … Live in Studio!”. The instrumental work was released on CD in 2014. On the bonus material, Bruno also participates in video classes, teaching how to play a few excerpts from the DVD’s songs and talking about the equipment he used to record it.

Bruno seeks not only to establish himself as one of the greatest rock bassists in national and international scenaries, but also to take his way of playing and seeing the music to audiences from all over the world. He believes that his generation of artists need to rescue the best of previous generations, who feel the music and look at it with love.


“Metallic Fairing”- 2017

“Our Lives, 15 Years Later… Live in Studio”- 2016

“Back To Grey”- 2014

“Our Lives, 13 years Later”- 2014

“A Blank Sheet Of Paper”- 2014

“Memories”- 2014

“Techno Chaos”- 2013

“Uprise”- 2013

“So Far So Close”- 2013

“Áurea”- 2012

“The Turn Of The Lights”- 2012

“260” -2011

“Landscape Revolution”- 2010

“Songs From The Land”- 2006

“Extreme Day”- 2005

“Vários artistas”- 2002


Foliba derives its roots from the sound of African percussion instruments. Multi dimensional structure of rhythm are brought to life in a form of vibration of air and body. It is an outstanding mixture of energetic dance and dynamic rhythmes. They use an exceptional, for Europe, set of instruments such as: djembe, dunduns, kora, tama, balaphone and shekere. These seemingly austere instruments rule with their capabilities and natural tones. Led by their passion for African music and culture , band members often travel to Africa in order to learn to play traditional instruments, and practice the art of dance with local masters. Sometimes Africa visits
Foliba. Many genuine artists from Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Gambia come to
play with the group. Be careful!
Foliba raises the temperature around them by at least 15 C.
The band was founded in 2005 by Łukasz Dembiński. Their arrangements are inspired by folk music of Western Africa. Musicians from Foliba run numerous drumming and dance workshops throughout Poland and abroad. The group has performed regularly for a few years, having given over 500 shows across Europe. Often accompanied by world famous musicians, Foliba has performed alongside such genre celebrities as: Thomas Guei (Ivory Coast), Tahirou Djembe Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso), Bouba Kuyateh (Gambia), Adama Dembele (Senegal), Ablaye Badji (Senegal), Seckou Keita (Senegal), Landing Mane (Senegal), Bouba Diakite (Guinea) .

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Tony MacAlpine

The name Tony MacAlpine is synonymous with modern musical virtuosity. Whether performing as a solo artist, band member, session player, touring hired-gun, or as a producer, Tony MacAlpine continues to prove that he truly is one of rock’s most amazing and versatile musicians. He incorporates classical, jazz and fusion influences into the hard rock/metal genre on both guitar and keyboards.
In his 28 year career he has produced, written and arranged twelve solo instrumental studio albums. Tony has also released four albums with his jazz-fusion band CAB, three albums with his progressive rock band Planet X, and a number of other band projects. In addition, MacAlpine has contributed both guitar and keyboards to a long list of records by other artists.
Tony was born and raised in Springfield Massachusetts, and in his early years was a classically trained pianist and violinist. He began his musical education at age 5 as a piano major at the Springfield Conservatory of Music, where he studied under the direction of Marion Jensen for twelve years. Tony furthered his studies at HARTT College under the tutelage of Professor Raymond Hanson at the University of Hartford, Connecticut.
At age 12, Tony picked up the guitar. He was later “discovered” in the pages of Guitar Player magazine by Mike Varney in 1984, and soon became a leading figure in the neoclassical guitar virtuoso movement of the mid to late 80s. MacAlpine was possibly the first new rock guitar instrumental artist of the 80s to break 100,000 units in the USA. His debut album Edge Of Insanity (1986) and sophomore release Maximum Security (1987) are cited by countless guitarists as major influences. Tony performed guitar and keyboards on Edge Of Insanity (with Billy Sheehan on bass and Steve Smith on drums), and all instruments (with the exception of drums by Deen Castronovo and Atma Anur) on Maximum Security, highlighting his musical dexterity.
MacAlpine continued his extraordinary output into the 90s, with critically acclaimed releases Freedom to Fly(1992), Madness (1993), Premonition (1994) and Evolution (1995), which all remain among his discography’s best sellers.
In the late 90s, Tony joined forces with Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Billy Idol) and Virgil Donati (Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth) to form progressive rock band Planet X, regularly touring
Europe and South America. In 1999, bassist Bunny Brunel (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock) tapped MacAlpine to join his jazz-fusion band CAB, along with drummer Dennis Chambers (John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana) and keyboardists Brian Auger (Tony Williams, Jimi Hendrix) and Patrice Rushen (GRAMMY-Awards Musical Director). This lead to the release of their self-titled album in 2000, and their GRAMMY-nominated CAB2 album in 2001. Two further CAB albums followed and the band toured the world, particularly Europe, Asia and Russia.
Shortly after, Tony was invited to join the band of fellow guitar virtuoso Steve Vai (along with Billy Sheehan on bass) where he played both guitar and keyboards, often doubling Vai’s formidable leads on both instruments. Tony performed and toured the world with Vai for seven years, playing to hundreds of thousands of people, and appearing on the certified double-platinum DVD Live At The Astoria, London, along with the G3’03 Live In Denver and G3 Live In Tokyo DVDs.
In 2006, Shrapnel Records celebrated Tony’s 20 year career with Collection – The Shrapnel Years – an album containing some of his hottest musical moments — comprised of aggressive rock and fusion compositions which highlight Tony’s incredible technique and melodic flair. These tracks contain standout performances by some of the greatest musicians in progressive music, including drummers Steve Smith and Deen Castronovo as well as bassists Billy Sheehan and Tony Franklin and other world class players.
In 2007, Tony was the featured guitarist for French pop legend Michel Polnareff’s highly successful comeback tour in France, playing to over half a million people during the tour’s three month run. A special performance of this event was televised across France. He also appeared in the 2008 award-winning motion picture Crazy: The Hank Garland Story making a cameo as Wes Montgomery.
In 2011, Tony made a highly anticipated return to solo work, with his self-titled album Tony MacAlpine released in the USA and Europe on June 21. It features 12 blistering tracks of MacAlpine on 7 and 8-stringed guitars, keyboards, bass and programming, along with appearances from drum legends Virgil Donati and Marco Minnemann. The album garnered widespread critical acclaim – Premier Guitar magazine calling it one of the best instrumental records of 2011.
In 2012, Tony joined forces with Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Winery Dogs), Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Mr. Big) and Derek Sherinian (Billy Idol, Joe Bonamassa) to form the super group PSMS. The band toured Europe and Asia and released the live CD, Blu-ray/DVD Live In Tokyo.
In 2015, Tony released Concrete Gardens, featuring Brazilian drum icon Aquiles Priester (Primal Fear, Hangar, Angra), bassist Pete Griffin (Zappa Plays Zappa, Dethklok, Shining) and a guest appearance by Jeff Loomis(Arch Enemy, Conquering Dystopia, Nevermore). The album included an accompanying DVD and EMGtv web series featuring Tony and band (Aquiles Priester, Pete Griffin, and guitarist Nili Brosh) performing the album live in the studio.
Unfortunately, shortly after the subsequent US tour, Tony was diagnosed with colon cancer, and was forced to cancel tours of Europe, Asia and Australia, and immediately undergo treatment. In a double blow, Tony’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time. In December 2015, his fellow musicians banded together for “A Benefit for Tony MacAlpine” at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, featuring performances from Steve Vai, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan, Derek Sherinian, John 5, Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt, Tom Morello, Richie Kotzen, and hosted by Eddie Trunk. The show also combined with an auction featuring items donated from a who’s who of rock royalty.
In the later stages of Tony’s recovery in 2016, he supported Steve Vai on the west coast run of the Passion and Warfare 25th Anniversary Tour; and performed dates in France as the guitarist in Michel Polnareff‘s band.
On September 1, Tony released his 12th solo album Death of Roses. The 7-track album is the first of a 2-part release, and features Hungarian drum sensation Gergo Borlai, and Pete Griffin returns on bass.  His North American tour in support of the album kicks off on September 1. Innovative Venezuelan 14 & 16-string guitarist Felix Martin will be supporting on all dates.
Tony endorses Ibanez guitars, Hughes & Kettner amplifiers, EMG pickups, Ernie Ball strings, Source Audio pedal, and Roland keyboards.
Tony likes motorcycles. He lives in Pasadena, CA.
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