This year’s edition of DRUM FEST will be an extremely cosmic event! The crème de la crème of world music will come to Opole and several cities of southern Poland!


Aquiles Priester is a Brazilian metal drummer virtuoso, characterized by impeccable technique and precision. He plays a powerful Mapex set, surrounded by an army of Paiste cymbals. He has published many educational materials, often rented as a session drummer for both studio and concert tours.




Virgil Donati is one of the greatest visionaries of the game on the percussion set, often considered one of the most technically advanced drummers in history. Known for playing incredibly complex rhythms and divisions. The projects in which they are involved are characterized by performance instrumental parties. His most famous band is the Planet X formation.




Brian Tichy is an American rock drummer, known for from playing in W


hitesnake, Pride & Glory, Billy Idol. The author of the series of famous concerts Bonzo Bash during which dozens of drummers play Led Zeppelin. His style of play is very strong, embedded, rock hits, full of dynamics with a colossal dose of grooving buoy, but also very spe


ctacular and full of rock and roll madness.



Jerzy Piotrowski – one of the most important Polish drummer in history. Known primarily for playing in the SBB team (also with Czesław Niemen), later in Kombi, Dżem, Young Power.  A native precursor on an electronic drum set. He influenced whole generations of drummers. He has a sensational groove, a huge dynamic range, which he uses with great sensitivity. His parts of the drums are very musical and full of energy.


Gergo Borlai – a Hungarian drums virtuoso of international renown. A representative of the modern career path, that is, focusing on running workshops, shows and occasional short projects with other artists. His dynamic game is based on a pulsing groove and contains a whole lot of impressive technical licks.



Nie może Cię z nami zabraknąć !

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